青成(Matin design),前瞻性的品牌包装设计公司。 我们历经蛰伏将最新的资讯与品牌定位相结合,准确的应用于市场中。我们以学习吸收、本土致用为理念,塑造符合于品牌发展的解决方案。我们兼具智囊的理性分析、时尚潮流、艺术内涵的平衡,积累了品牌视觉与产品包装系统操作的丰富经验。青成专业严谨要求创作高含量的作品,旨在推动品牌业务更健康、可循序的成长。融合中西贯通传统与时尚,不同层次的价值观,更多留存于我们的创意血液里。向导着中国新型消费市场的变化、趋势,将更具领悟性与贴切性。青成打造卓越的设计品牌。


青成(Matin design),致力于消费者体验的研究与产品包装形象设计在客户销售终端、品牌规划上提供战略性的建设和紧贴市场性视觉系统化设计。青成设计专长于 产品包装设计(Product packaging design为最具核心架构 & 品牌视觉识别设计(Brand Identity) 为专业设计服务。只为客户提供实绩的商业效果。

Matin design, a forward-looking brand packaging design company.We have been dormant through the latest information and brand positioning combined, accurate application in the market.We take the concept of learning, absorbing and applying locally, and create a solution that is in line with the development of the brand.We have balanced the rational analysis, fashion trend and artistic connotation of the think tank, and accumulated rich experience in brand vision and product packaging system operation.Matin design is rigorous and requires the creation of high content works, which aims to promote the healthy and orderly growth of the brand business.The integration of Chinese and western traditions and fashion, different levels of values, more retained in our creative blood.Guide the changes and trends of China's new consumer market, will be more savvy and appropriate.Matin has built an excellent design brand.


Matin design is committed to the research of consumer experience and product packaging image design to provide strategic construction and market-oriented visual systematized design in customer sales terminals and brand planning.Matin desig specializes in product packaging design as the most core architecture & brand visual identity design as the professional design service.Only provide customers with real business results.